We're a killer team who share a love for all things mobile

But also ~100% of our DNA, we're identical twins

Since the start in 2009 we've worked on apps, SDKs and Open Source projects used by millions of people, chances are you're using code we've written without even knowing it! We have clients ranging from government agencies, media conglomerates, fortune 500 companies to multiple Y Combinator startups, pharmacies, banking & public transport.

Apps we've worked on have been featured in the keynote at WWDC, The Times, SVT and nominated for Svenska Designpriset.

Senior iOS Specialist
Alexander Simson
Senior iOS Specialist

More than ten years of experience working with iOS development. Has worked on anything ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups. Beer aficionado with more than 1500 unique beers on untappd 🍻.

Senior Android Specialist
Sebastian Simson
Senior Android Specialist

Has been working with Android development since the first versions of the SDK and has experience building B2B apps as well as consumer apps with millions of users. Foodie and amateur chef, makes some mean sous vide fried chicken 😋

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